2020 Sponsored Houses

Charlie’s ¾ House
Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

This year we are pleased to
sponsor Charlie’s ¾ House.
For over 30 years, Charlie’s has
worked to foster an environment
in which newly recovering
alcoholic men can learn to live
a useful lifestyle free of alcohol,
while working to get back “on
their feet” financially and
help their fellow men in recovery.
Charlie’s continues to provide
affordable transitional housing
To over 50 recovering men.

2021 Sponsored Houses

Angie’s House
of Freedom and Miracles
Price Hill / Cincinnati

The CPR Serenity Jam is happy to
sponsor Angie’s House of
Freedom and Miracles for 2020!
This established women’s house
was founded in June 2004,
by Angie Edwards who saw the
need for more women’s
recovery housing. HFM went under
the umbrella of Serenity
Consultants, and
Executive Director Ivan Faske.
The House of Freedom and
Miracles has helped countless
women in need of structure and
support while integrating back
into their communities and families.

Thank You to our 2020 Sponsors
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